The entertainment industry is a broad market due to the expansion of supply and demand through both digital and non-digital media. For this reason we seek to make a difference by promoting the creation of cultural networks based on our continuous professional experiences
since 2016 in Spain and France as well as countries beyond European borders.

Our concern to contribute to this industry arises through factors such as time, persistence and patience … but, two of the main ones are great intrinsic talent and consistency in creating.
Established in the historic neighborhood of Lavapiés, in the central district of Madrid, for multicultural and bohemian reasons we have merged as a multidisciplinary team with a common interest, art and prosperity, thus creating our landmark of collective interest to provide a space
for diverse artists


Thinking of a cultural initiative where young artists could unleash their artistic talent (talentwaiting to be recharged), that was how BIG LEAGUERS ENTERTAINMENT was born thus giving
shape to a comprehensive entertainment production company, which offers artistic, technical
and logistic services for artists , companies and the public. Providing services based on 4 axes:

● Production of events with a specialty in ephemeral installations: At BLE we provide advice,
planning, execution and promotion of shows of different kinds ranging from public, private and
corporate events; concerts, showcases, product presentations, funfairs, theme park parties,
performances, art installations, stage sets and peculiar art projects.

● Musical production: In BLE we have a team of professionals, experts with broad experience
in the development of musical projects such as: Beat making, jingles, recording, sound editing;
mixing and mastering.
● Audio Visual Production.
● Artist Management and Booking Agency

BLE visualizes its clients as:
Musical Artists: local emerging artists, national and international artists, beat makers andproducers.
Visual Artists: audiovisual filmmakers, producers, video editors, photographers, 3D Animators,
graphic designers and architects.
Public and private institutions: companies, public or private organizations that require
recreational, entertainment and / or logistics projects that need to be carried out.

Direct users: at BLE we are a team with community interests, so we are willing to bet on
us = people. One of our interests is the organization of events based on the needs of our
environments through NGOs and associations.


We are an entertainment production company directed by a group of specialists based inMadrid, Spain. Founded in 2016, the company was formed around the idea of creating an inclusive platform for artistic talent.


BLE aims to create a network of people connected by diverse artistic expressions, allowing all the creative work to reach its key audience.
We aim to establish an artistic movement from local to global that interacts both physically and through technological means, adapting to the needs and tastes of entertainment users.


Our values are routed in our experiences that we create and share with our clients and users;
Trust; based on our professional conduct and experience.
Creativity; developed from the inspiration for the conception of ideas through a participatory
methodology “design thinking “, taking full advantage of the management of resources to obtain
an optimal result.
Memorable; At BLE we make the difference between the typical type. Our thinking, actions and
team come together in order to make everyday life extraordinary.
Quality: At BLE we have team of great aptitude and human attitude, trained with extensive
artistic-technical knowledge aiming always on implementing a high production model with the
best standards.